Friday, July 14, 2017

Discovering Yourself Instead of Letting People Be in Charged of Your Own Destiny

"I used to think that I would get discovered by someone rich and famous one day...but I have decided I am going to discover myself."-CurlyDollTati #110
       When I was a little girl I used to live in Southern California.  I lived just a short drive away from Hollywood "The City of Dreams". I didn't have a lot of resources growing up or so I thought.  I always have had a Heavenly Father to look up to for encouragement and getting through those impossible moments.    
People used to tell me I was beautiful.That I should get into acting or modeling.  I thought it was a nice idea. The thought of being famous and rich, just like any child would think.  I heard stories of famous people getting discovered and I used to think that could happen to me.  I would be in the mall, the supermarket, the store, school, and someone with influence would point me out. They would see all my potential and talent and tell me they were going to make me a Star.  I would be shy at first and then accept it willingly. I would do anything for the chance in the mind of a child.  People would sometimes stop me in the mall and invite me to their casting calls, their auditions, their movie viewings. They would want me as their very own daughter.
       I saw the bottom growing up. I saw the struggle. I lived in a studio apartment where in my bedroom I could see the stove. I've been afraid of roaches coming to me while I was sleeping and licking my face. I've heard gunshots next door. I've heard people crying. I lived in the porn capital of America. I've used cardboard boxes as furniture and air mattresses as a permanent solution for no bed.  Handy me downs were a no brainer. Adjustments were always necessary.
       You can't tell me that wanting to be rich and famous was selfish.  My shy personality always showed and I've felt humbled for not having a lot. Looking back at it now, as I've grown up, I feel as though I don't need a rich and famous stranger to look at me and tell me that I'm beautiful or talented. I know that of myself already.  I spent all of my childhood searching and hoping for that moment but the moment never came. I never got to be on tv on Saturday mornings or in the Toppest Model Magazine.  Progressing into middle school and high school I used to dream of becoming a beautiful, rich, and famous Fashion Designer. I drew pictures of girls and women in detailed clothing design. I would go to fashion design college right after highschool to learn all tricks of the trade.  I guess that path wasn't for me or the timing wasn't right.
       I have new dreams now. Dreams that can make me in charged of my own destiny. Starting this website was the stepping stone and it makes me feel at peace. It makes me feel like I can make a difference no matter if it's big or small.   I am ready for change and my path to getting discovered is discovering myself and what I can do. I have the power to influence my own dreams and destiny with God and hard work.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"My Different Colored Eyes Are My Prize."

"My different colored eyes are my prize."  A lot of people think that differences are weird and they are afraid of them.  They think that through our differences we somehow are not human because we are not like them.  They know they are human but what are we?  The more different we are from them the less they accept us.  It is a prize possession to be different.  If you stand out in a crowd of people or if your mind and personality is different then that is a blessing that should be celebrated and used to your advantage.  Do not ever underestimate the power of your differences whether many people accept it or don't.  There may be someone out there like you that you can encourage.  You can be a positive example.  You can be different, powerful, and successful.  If your people don't accept you find new people to be around.  There is always someone that you must seek out that will accept you.  Be patient and boldly step forth to make a difference.  Through helping and encouraging others you will help yourself and realize your differences are not so different.  Your differences are your prize.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Educate Yourself About Us

Educate yourself about us. We are the people who you could not live without. We were here from the beginning and always will be. We have some of the strongest influences in art, music, and food.  We teach our kids to love everybody no matter what they look like. We are hard workers and must defeat every obstacle in our way no matter where we came from.  Our young get attacked for walking down the street at night because our skin blends in with the dark. We are brave and courageous. We travel miles to get from A to B just to earn a few dollars to feed our family and to keep a roof over their heads. We are grouped into one large category yet we are still called minorities.  People hate on us because we are different from them. Our own people hate on us because they feel a little closer to Heaven. But maybe we are not different.  Maybe we have a different packaging, different backgrounds, different resources, but we are all the same. One Human Race. So educate yourself about us. Read our biographies and watch our movies. Try to understand us before you judge us. Together we can create a better life for the both of us. No tension. No war. No judgment. Only peace.


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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why I Don’t Take Medication and Choose Holistic Health

There are many reasons I do not reach for a medicine bottle on the first sign of a common cold.  Ever since I was a child all the way until now I was not able to swallow pills.  Many people take every pill and every medication that the doctor prescribes for them because they think that it will cure them, prevent disease, or ease their pain.  I hate taking medicine just as much as the next person.  There are so many dangers of taking medication that makes the temporary relief of discomfort not worth it in the long run. There is no reason for being alarmed because there is hope for the sick. People should treat themselves the natural way.  I choose holistic health methods to treat myself and you should consider it too.
I do not think I will ever get used to swallowing pills because they make me want to gag and they make me feel as if I will choke on them. It is a very unnatural thing to do. Humans have gag reflexes. Some people even have a bone on the roof of their mouth called a torus palatinus that makes it harder for them to swallow pills. A good reason not to swallow pills is because there are a lot of side effects for taking prescribed drugs.  Some side effects may even outweigh the sickness and cause disease later in life.  You never know for sure what you are getting. Drug companies want to make money off of you. Try not to be naive to how advertising propaganda works.  If you think your doctor prescribing a pill for you is enough for you to buy it you may need to reevaluate the people you trust in life.  Not everyone knows what is best for your health and is after your best interests.
Then there is the taste of medicine. I hate medicine. Does not everybody hate taking medicine? The taste of medicine is always horrible. It does not matter what type of flavor it is disguised as whether cherry, grape, or bubble gum. I remember when I was a kid before I knew about holistic healthcare I would take medicine to clear my sinuses.  I would almost always throw it up in the sink. It was out of my control.  I would take it with juice to mask the taste, but still something did not seem right about taking medicine.  I remember one day I had to take some medicine for my ear infection. It tasted chalky and I tried to take it masking it with the taste of cookies.  Let’s just say I could not eat that cookie brand for years because it would remind me of the taste of the medicine and I would gag.  Americans of this era are so used to buying new things to fix every little problem they have and they don’t consider the side effects.
After I realized I did not want to continue taking medication for reasons like I could not swallow pills and I certainly did not like the taste of medicine I wanted to know more as to how to get out of taking it.  Over the years I just stopped taking medicine to treat my colds.  I was fine without it.  One day while I was in school I came down with a bad case of the flu that then turned into pneumonia.  I was sick in bed throughout the most of it but I could not continue to miss school.  I felt like nobody truly understood my pain and on top of that I could not hear out of one of my ears for 2 weeks.  I was terrified about what was happening to me and I thought I was dying.  My mom took me to Urgent Care and they took an x-ray. They gave me some medication that I tried to take in pill form.  It was not working and I did not take the whole thing especially since my mom alerted me about the side effects which I was definitely feeling.  My mother being the smart person that she is decided to research natural alternatives for curing pneumonia.  “Drink fennel tea” one said. “Eat fruits and vegetables” another said.  I was so happy to know that I could cure myself by nothing but nutrition! Needless to say I was nursed back to health with natures perfect treasure…Organic Fruits and Vegetables!
Doctors are not God.  Not every doctor can cure a person and not every doctor knows all the answers. Does even a single doctor on earth know the answers the everything? No. They are humans with educations. The people who taught the doctors had educations taught with books that people wrote.  People think that a doctor is the closest human to God beside a preacher.  People should use nature in its simplest and purest form in order to be closer to it.  If people value fruits and vegetables more and consider that it should be in its simplest and purest form they will start treating nature more kindly.  It is truly rewarding to know that you are using nature in the way that it was intended to be used and not taking anything away from it or destroying it.  

There are no health risks with treating yourself with holistic health methods.  Holistic Health is Heavenly and original.  Holistic Health is God’s gift to mankind.  Just look at the variety of fruits and vegetables that are in the world today.  All of those plants were not created just to look beautiful or taste good.  They were created to help people. In their natural, organic state they are incredible.  In their man-made forms they are the cause of death.  Go back to using original and pure ingredients for food like our ancestors did.  Go back to using nutrition to treat your body. You will feel closer to God and be healthy in the process.

Why I Love California

I was raised in Southern California.  California has all different types of weather.  California is exciting and there are so many people there that are in the entertainment industry or are creative.  The beaches are gorgeous in California. It is not expensive to live in California.  California is for the fashionable.  California is integrated. The people there are open minded. Everything is always changing in California.  If you like the city but favor the suburb California is for you.
Who doesn’t like California? From my observations the people who hate California are the people who have lived there all of their lives and have not experienced anything different.  I was raised in California and when I was living there I did not appreciate it as much as when I moved because that was all I knew. California’s school children and teenagers want to get out of California and move to “better?” cities or other countries.  People always think that somewhere else is better.  People always think the grass is greener on the other side.  Not for Californians it’s not.  Californians have it good. Californians have it nice.  They are living it up in a life of luxury even if they are poor and don’t even know it.  Just the ability to have opportunity available to them makes Californians very rich.  Don’t get me wrong. It is hard to break into the industry if you are not making good connections or if you can barely support your own livelihood.  And I am going to bring up the saying “It takes money to make money” in this case. If you are planning on moving to California to become a rich and famous model, singer, or actress you are going to need an agent, some talent, and your start up fee.  Other people that hate California are people that do not like the glamorous lifestyle or keeping up with the Joneses mentality that many Californians have.  This can be a fun or a draining mental obligation but it is all a matter of preference.  California and the people who live there really aren’t that bad.
The weather is great in California.  People can go to the beach and the snow all in the same day.  Although many Californians do not spend their time doing this at least they can entertain the possibility that they can.  A persons mind will feel open to crazy possibilities.  There will always be perfect weather for hiking and having picnics even if it is rainy season and really cold outside.  There will always be other people just as adventurous and crazy as the next person hiking along with them.  People can befriend the tourists or befriend the locals. The choice is there's to make
You will always feel excited about going out when living there because you never know who you will meet or what you will come across.  A persons favorite or least favorite celebrity could be shopping in their favorite grocery store such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and then they can post pictures of that person on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine.  It will be the perfect avenue to make their friends completely envious of them and gain a lot of attention.
California is so exciting and there are many people you will meet who are in the entertainment industry  The entertainment industry is centered around media therefore everyone knows about it.  A person who has lived in California their whole lives will not understand the gravity and meaning of “everyone knows about it”. When you move and you say you are from California people will always show you off saying “My sister, brother, cousin, auntie came all the way to my small and deserted town from California!” People get paid well to work as actors and models. You might get invited to their big mansion and then you can gab about how gorgeous it is with your friends.
Although the beaches are not very kind to the swimmer they have excellent water for surfing.  The water is very cold most of the time.  If you are looking for a great place to enjoy the water visit Southwest Florida and dip your feet in the Gulf of Mexico.  You will find that it is a very different temperature than the beaches in California. California has great weather for kite flying and wind surfing.  If you drive along the coast there are very many beaches to choose from and mountains to look at.
It is not expensive to live in California.  This is a myth. When you compare what you are getting paid there and weigh in other possibilities you will be paying just as much as if you lived in nowhere-land.  Things to consider is food, rent, water bill, electricity, insurance, gas, mileage, how close things are to each other, your changing salary, college prices, and your happiness levels. Another important factor to weigh in is that living in California you will be living around some of the richest people in the world and some of the poorest.  You will run into people from all over the world that have come to live there, therefore you will make friendships with these people and learn things from them.  When people move they always take a small piece of the place where they were living with them.  When you develop friendships with these people some of them will rub off on you.  You will become cultured just by being around people from different cultures and other countries. 

California is a city of suburbs galore.  All the cities are close together and they change.  Each one has a different feel to it.  There are very many small houses and large houses everywhere.  There are also very many apartments depending on where you go.  If you live in the San Fernando Valley like I did everything is in very close proximity and you hardly ever need to leave the valley unless you are going to the beach or snow.  What I mean is that all of your organic produce can be found right there.  Food is one of the most important things in life isn’t it?  Californians love to be different and show how cultured, environmentally aware, and healthy they are.  Californians simply must keep up with the latest Hollywood trends and they must have great beach bodies.  You will find many vegetarians, vegans, and whole food plant based dieters in California because they care.